Nathan Manning supports affordable college tuition.

Making College Affordable

Nathan Manning has worked to make tuition in Ohio more affordable and reduce overall student costs. As a state legislator, Manning supported expanding tax deductions for families saving for college and increased funding for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant, which provides need-based financial aid to college students. That investment of more than $208 million over the last two years is the largest in nearly a decade.



Investing in Infrastructure

Under Nathan Manning's leadership, Ohio has invested an unprecedented $14 billion in nearly 7,000 road improvement projects over the past seven years. This network of infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy, allowing our residents to get to work and our companies to transport job-sustaining goods and services. Additional investment in “smart mobility” research will position our state for the future of transportation technology. This commitment to preserving and updating our infrastructure is essential to maintaining Ohio’s economic growth, retaining and attracting jobs and preparing for the future.

Nathan Manning supports investing in infrastructure.

Nathan Manning will fight the drug crisis.

Fighting the Drug Crisis

Nowhere has the nation’s emerging opiate drug crisis hit harder than Ohio. Nathan Manning worked with the state to invest more than $1 billion in the fight against drug abuse and addiction. Under Nathan Manning's leadership, Ohio has cracked down on Fentanyl possession and drug trafficking. And tough, new limits on prescriptions for the treatment of acute pain are expected to reduce opiate doses by the millions in hopes of further tightening the flow of these dangerous, addictive drugs. Nathan Manning also expanded access to the life-saving heroin antidote Naloxone, giving law enforcement, emergency personnel, homeless shelters, halfway houses, schools and treatment centers an effective tool to save individuals who have overdosed.



Reducing the Tax Burden

In addition to preserving across-the-board tax cuts for every Ohio taxpayer, Nathan Manning voted to eliminate Ohio’s two lowest income tax brackets, providing tax relief to those who need it most. Nathan Manning doubled the amount that you can save tax-free for your child’s college education and he voted to make permanent the state’s popular back-to-school Sales Tax Holiday. Nathan Manning also worked on a bipartisan plan to provide much-needed relief to Ohio’s farmers by making long-overdue changes to the state’s formula for valuing agricultural land, as well as authorizing tax credits to incentivize job creation and economic development in rural, underserved areas of the state. 

Nathan Manning supports lowering the tax burden..